iOS Apps

Tibetan Prayer Wheel

A large Tibetan Prayer Wheel patterned after one at the Land Of The Medicine Buddha in Soquel, California. There are over 40,000 prayers stored inside virtually, in an xml file. Users can add their own prayers. A prayer will be displayed at random after spinning the wheel. That prayer can be shared with any social media enabled on your device.

The background and wheel textures can be changed to colors, photos in your library, or, providing the device has a camera, a picture taken on the spot. The Tibetan Prayer Wheel is available for both iPhone and iPad and supports iOS 6.1 and up.

The tibetan Prayer Wheel is available from the Apple App Store here.

Jazz Alley

Jazz Alley is the iOS companion to the FaceBook app. It uses the same FaceBook authentication and the same back-end as the Jazz Alley Facebook app, so a mobile user has the same access to the same data. It also uses geolocation to determine your current position (if allowed).

If logged in, a user is allowed to rate and review the musicians. A user is only allowed to rate a musician once, and a user is not allowed to rate himself. Anybody logged in can review anybody, but a review is identified by the user's FaceBoook name and profile pic.

Beyond that, there are some differences. The iPhone app can call the selected musician, the FaceBook app can't for obvious reasons. The iPad app will go the the musician's FaceBook page.

Jazz Alley is available from the Apple App Store for 99¢ here.

tvOS Apps


TickleToe is Tic-Tac-Toe, but in three dimensions. It's a two-player game, with each player taking a turn with the Siri remote. The game is won when one player places four pieces in a row - up, down or diagonally in any dimension.

TickeToe is available from the tvOS App Store.


I guarantee that you will love these apps. For any questions, comments or bug reports please send me an email.